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We provide services for Swiftlet house investment, ETP Investment, Malaysia swiftlet farming, Swiftlet ranching Investment opportunity in Malaysia.

Malaysia Swiftlet farming Company

Based in Malaysia, we are alaysia Swiftlet farming Company provide services for Swiftlet house investment, ETP Investment, Malaysia swiftlet farming advise, Swiftlet ranching Investment opportunity in Malaysia.

What is Edible Bird Nests Swiftlet Ranching...

Bird Nests Swiftlet Ranching

Swiftlet Ranching or Farming, is providing accommodation either by building purposed-built structure or renovating any existing non-residential premises, with the correct exterior and interior design and setup, to create an ideal living environment for the birds that produce the precious Edible Bird Nests (EBN), i.e. Aerodramus Fuciphagus or commonly known as Swiftlets (Burung Walit in Malay), and by attracting them to reside and populate, and by maintaining the living condition at its most conducive state possible, and thus harvesting the Edible Bird Nests which is one of the most pricey delicacy amongst the Chinese throughout the World after their offsprings have grown big enough and fly on their own.

Why Invest in Swiftlet Ranching...

malaysia Swiftlet Ranching

Edible Bird Nests, have been consumed by Chinese over thousand of years, for its health and rejuvenating effects, has become one of the most pricey and highly-sought-after delicacy amongst Chinese especially from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and North America. With China fast emerging as one of the economic superpowers in the World, there is a constant mismatched demand for the supply of bird nests. In China, bird nest not only come as the top choice as food that promote health and rejuvenation effect, it also is the top choice as gift during Chinese festivals.

Amongst many other reasons “Why Invest in Swiftlet Ranching”, one of the biggest reason that made it a very secure and uniquely promising investment, even some of the existing swiftlet bird houses’ owners are not aware of, is that:

“This particular species of swiftlet (Aerodramus Fuciphagus) that produces edible bird nests is only available in South-East Asia region.”


Therefore, this exciting fact has eliminated the worry of mass production by the emerging countries like China and India, which most other industries are feared of, and Swiftlet Ranching has been identified as one of the very few “High-value” industries in Malaysia that can ride on China’s success.

Bird Nests | Swiftlet Ranching in Malaysia

Swiftlet Ranching, from previously one of the most misunderstood business activities, has become very well accepted by all Malaysian over the years and even won recognition from the government, and has been positively identified as “High-Value Industry” with “High-growth potential”, and shortlisted by the government’s Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) as one of the top NKEA in Agricultural sector, which encourage more Malaysian to participate in this promising and lucrative industry.

Besides, it is always more advisable to diversify your investment portfolio beside the conventional investment such as share market, unit trust, and property market which no longer viewed as hedge again inflation after witnessing the US’s sub-prime crisis that affected the whole world’s economy, and the recent property bubbles that happened in other parts of the world as a result of the overheated development.

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